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I read 1Corinthians 3:8-15 while speaking on “The in-escapability of the Day of Reckoning” in my Word of Exhortation at our Annual General Membership Meeting (AGMM) on Sunday 30th July 2017. Three days before the AGMM, specifically Thursday, July 27, I ministered at our monthly 12-hour interdenominational prayer program – Thunderous Thursday. The theme was “Guide Me With Your Counsel Oh Lord.”  The reference Scripture was Psalm 73:24

While considering the two passages and other related scriptures, I saw that a man’s life is presented with chances and choices amidst riddles and mysteries which are the dynamic forces that create its events. I saw also that man owes his life to God and God is interested in how he lives it since He created him for a purpose and had a special plan for him. Man, though free to make his choices, will be held accountable for his life by God

If, as these scriptures show, the quality of every man’s work will be tested with fire, that which is built using gold and costly stones will survive, but the work of him that built with wood and straw will suffer loss.  The Spirit of the Lord opened my understanding to the fact of the existing Foundation. The Foundation being the set standard, there is the need for whoever that builds to build according to pattern. Man therefore will be acting in utter darkness without constant recourse to his creator who knows and  holds the plan.


Living by Revelation is living a Spirit led life. It is a life instructed and guided supernaturally. For such, actions, inactions and reactions are virtually premised on received divine supernatural disclosures of special information, or intelligence relating to what is to be done. Just as Daniel needed divine revelation to unravel the mystery of the king’s dream, every man needs the light of God’s revelation to live a purposeful life in this dark world. If he does, without doubt, he will shoot and hit target and achievement of purpose will be easy.


Revelation is much more than learning. It is a profound insight that is possible only from the realm of the spirit. Daniel said:

  “And it is a rare thing that the king requireth, and there is none other that can shew it before the king, except the gods, whose dwelling is not with flesh” Daniel 2:11.

Revelation could be through vision, dream, the written Word, word of prophecy, trance, audible voice, among others. They are supernatural windows to either  access the past and or to peep into the future accurately.


The quality of the revelation depends on the source. For everything that God does, the devil has a counterfeit. Hence, caution is highly required to differentiate between the revelation from the living God and the one from Satan – the impostor, otherwise the beneficiary will be worse off. The Bible says:   Numbers chapter 12 verse 6, God said 

” .. Hear now my words: if there be a prophet among you, I the LORD, will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream”- Numbers 12:6


As believers in God through Jesus Christ, we are sons of God by adoption. The father desires communion with us, His children. He is willing and waiting to reveal secrets of life and living to us that we may live well and that we may please Him. It is very important and necessary for all to avail himself/herself of this divine privilege. Even if one does not value the peace that it gives, he must seek it to please God since he will be held accountable for his life on the Day of Reckoning.