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The month of May is our Family Month. We will be considering the Faces, Facets and Facts of family units, and, family life with the study of the earthly family of Jesus Christ as the model of the ideal Christian home.  We had a series of teachings on the subject of The Family, in our Bible Study, in the months of February and March. So, we will be treading on a familiar ground.

A family is any group of people who live together, related by blood or marriage, especially parents and their children.  Those who are bonded together by a common faith are also called a family. Christians, through faith in Christ, are members of the family of God – John 1:12

The interaction of the members of the family – father, mother and children, produces family values. The society itself mirrors the sum total of the values of the constituent family units. Whatever change, therefore, that is desired in the society must start with the families and the change desired in the families must start with the individual members.

Families have a common ancestor, a common heritage as well as common characteristics that distinguish them from others. Jesus had an earthly family (Mark 6:3) Learning about Jesus family will draw us closer to Him and enhance our appreciation of God choosing an ordinary human family to nurture Jesus during His childhood.

The father is the male head of the family; the man in marriage. God counts on him so much for the success of the family. He is given much preeminence that through him the family is defined and described. He is the symbol of authority, and protection.

These can be said of Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus:
–  he was tolerant and understanding – Mathew 1:18 -20
–  he was sensitive to the Spirit – Mathew 1:20-24
–  he exercised self control; Joseph didn’t see his wife until Christ was born – Mathew 1:25
–  he put spiritual values above self interest.
–  he was obedient to divine instruction – Mathew 2:21
–  he taught his children true worship – Luke 2: 41-50

The Mother is the female partner in marriage. She is the manager of the home. Her influence on family life is enormous. She molds the children, models them after the man and makes or unmakes her man.

Mary was the earthly mother of Jesus (Luke 1: 33-35. )
– she was courageous to accept God’s will – Luke 1:38
– she valued Spiritual privileges
– she endured disgrace and risked death – Deuteronomy 22:23-24
– she had faith in Jesus.
– she dutifully followed Jesus till He was fulfilled

Children are offsprings and fruits of the womb. They are a unifying factor. Jesus had a humble beginning as a child,  He grew up with other children in the family. These can be said of His childhood:
–  Jesus had a humble beginning Mathew 8:20
–  Jesus was subject to His parents – Luke 2:51
–  Jesus managed to live with his half brothers and sisters.
– Jesus put the mother in care of John the beloved
– Jesus brothers were unbelievers till He died – Mark 3:21
– Jesus did not put Mary in their care but with John the beloved
–  Although they were unbelievers, Jesus did not reject them
– Jesus brothers were not by the Cross
– Jesus brothers exercised faith in Him only after resurrection
– Jesus humility and accomplishments changed them.
– they were in the group that met in Jerusalem before the Pentecost – Acts 1:14

The ideal Christian family is the one with the attributes of Christ.