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I am full of gratitude to the almighty God for His love and kindness to us. Particularly, I appreciate Him for the way He led His church through the month of January in the power of His Holy Spirit. The daily prayers were reassuring and refreshing. Testimonies will follow in Jesus name. I thank all the leaders, members, and worshippers for the cooperation enjoyed.


Our theme for the month of February 2017 is “HOLDING GOD TO HIS PROMISES.”  We shall be doing an exposition of 2Corrinthians1:20 which will be the principal text.


In my Sunday School class on Sunday January 8, we considered the Education Ministry of the Church. One of the interesting things about the topic was the “Seven laws of teaching” I remember saying that for there to be effective teaching there must not just be a willing and able teacher but also a pupil who is ready to learn. It takes two to tango.


God is faithful, able and righteous to fulfill His promises. His Word is Yes and Amen. Yet, for every promise, there is a condition. The Bible in Amos 3:3 asks “do two walk together except they be agreed to do so?” We have a role to play in the program of God for our lives. Every agreement is a contract between two parties. If any of the parties fails the contract is null and void.


It was God that brought down the wall of Jericho for the Israelites but He required them to play a part in the process. Moses also had a role in the parting of the Red Sea. In both cases, if they did not obey or had obeyed just in part, the wall would not have fallen and the sea would not have parted although they were the promise of God for them.

When God-given dreams, visions and revelations fail to come to pass, we blame it on destiny. This is far from the truth. Blaming destiny is the excuse of the ignorant believer for failure. The lack of understanding of how God works is rather what aborts the promises and this grieves God. Many of us call down fire in prayer from Heaven; when the fire falls, we neither recognize nor understand it as answer to prayer. We murmur and either run away from it or at best watch the fire burn out without cooking anything with it. We thereby fail in our duty and the promises are locked up.


If David had failed in courage to seize the opportunity of Goliath’s challenge, the promise of Israel’s deliverance from the Philistines would remain a promise in perpetuity. If Israel had refused the change of leadership to Joshua, they would have remained in the wilderness and the Jews in Susha would have faced extinction and total annihilation if they had not risen to pray. We must all play our part in the process of fulfilling God’s promise or it will remain unfulfilled.


To receive is one thing, to hold and enjoy the promise is another; the believer must be steadfast in faith and unfailing in obedience both to receive and hold. He must not lose guard or lose sight of the obligations and duties contingent on the promise. When razor had not touched Samson’s head, being a Nazarite, no enemy could stand him but when he committed the breach, he was thrown out of the program of God and the victor became a victim.  


Where is the fulfillment of the promise of God in our lives and Nation today? Are we playing our role and fulfilling our duty? Do we cooperate with God not to scuttle the plan? God is forever faithful; the only problem to receiving from Him is failing to play our role and perform our duty.


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