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I belong to God and listen to what He has to say. His word is life to me and I hold it forth as my overcoming reality in every circumstance (Isaiah 43:1; 55:11; Luke 8:15; John 10:26; 1John 4:6; Psalm 119:93)

*I am a violent and skilful man/woman. I seize the kingdom of heaven by skilful force, exerting all my resources in a blaze of fury that sends the devil reeling. I plow down every obstacle that would hinder me from living the life that God has ordained for me to live. ( Ephesians 6:10-18; James 5:16; Luke 16:16; 1 Corinthians 9:24-27)

*I could care less what trials I go through now, for I know that in Him I shall always emerge victorious and that eventually His glory shall be revelled in me for all to see. Even creation itself is waiting in eager expectation for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. I am determined that it will not be disappointed. ( Mathew 5:10-16; 2Corrinthians 4:17; 2Peter 3:13)

*When Jesus paid my price and I accepted Him as my Lord and my Saviour, His father became my father, and His God became my God. ( Romans 8:14-17; 10:8-10; Galatians 4:5-6; John 16:28; 17:11; Ephesians 1:17)


DECEMBER 2017 THEME: The Living Faith Theme Texts: Text: Mathew 24: 12-13
  • 1. The Living Faith: meaning; importance and sustainability
  • 2. Living The Life Of Living Faith
  • 3. The Secrets of Keeping Your Faith Alive
  • 4. Wonders Of The Living Faith
  • 5. The Proof And The Profit Of Living Faith And The Problems Of Dead Faith
  • January 2018 Theme: BELIEVER'S AUTHORITY Text: John 14:10-14.





The Year of our Lord 2018 is not different from any other year. It has its share of thr



The living faith is a growing faith. It is the renewable and overcoming apostolic belie


The Night Is Near

"I must work the work of Him that sent me while it is day, the night cometh when no one


"But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be take

This Month

An Interdenominational TH...
  • Bro Balogun, Member

    Praise the Lord! On Sunday the 17th of December, 2017, I was unable to come to church. I was down with pains all over my body and had a great burn in my chest, I thought that was the end. But suddenly, two Evangelists from our church came to my house after the service, when I was told by my daughter, I asked them to come inside my bedroom, when they saw me lying on the bed, they knew I was having problem. Immediately, they started praying for my healing, the prayer lasted for about one hour. After they left, our father in the Lord Rev. Adegbola and his wife came also to visit me. By that time I was in the sitting room. To my almost surprise, the whole pains in my body disappeared and I never new I would be able to come to church today (24/12/2017). My pastor also visited me this morning before church service and he prayed for me. I am giving praise to Almighty God for healing me, his mercy over me and my family. Praise GOD! Halleluya!

  • Sis Omotuyi , Member

    My daughter-in-law gave birth to a baby and the lord put joy in my heart again.

  • Pst. (Mrs) Adegbola, Member

    I give God all the glory. We clock one year in Olota Captain this month. I was also healed by the lord.

  • Sis Alawe, Member

    God kept me and my family all through the year. Praise the Lord

  • Sis Ajani, Member

    God gave me and my family peace all through the year. Also, I thank God that my daughter-in-law who was sick has been healed. God save us from robbers.

  • Sis Lizzy, Member

    My daughter performed very well in her school. God also healed her.

Matters That Matters

"Start everyday with due confession and recognition of Jesus Christ as the Lord and King over your life; praise Him for His Omnipresence, Omniscience and omnipotence, and appreciate His love and kindness to you all the time. Then say the following prayers with unflinching faith in His Word that says " ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be open unto you" - Matthew 7:7
  1. * Oh Lord my God, let your Holy Spirit heal the wounds and cover the scars of 2017 in my life -Colossians 2:14
  2. * Oh Lord my God, mercifully name Year 2018 for me - Isaiah 43:2
  3. * Oh Lord my God, let your plans for my life overtake mine in 2018 -1Kings -17:12-16
  4. * Oh Lord my God, abort the plans of the enemy concerning me and my family -Daniel 7:9-10
  5. * Oh Lord my God, let those lying in wait for me be crushed in their ambush -Daniel 6:24
  6. * Oh Lord my God, make me a carrier of your grace and a benefactor of your favour - 1Samuel 10:6-7
  7. * Oh Lord my God, make me a channel of blessing to men and to your church - Mathew 13-14
  8. * Oh Lord my God, do not give me a burden of faith that is too heavy for me - Luke 7:18-19
  9. * Oh Lord my God, let the scales fall from my eyes that I may see the opportunities and avoid the risks in 2018 - Acts 9:17-19
  10. * Oh Lord my God, make Year 2018 a pleasant and joyful one for me - 1Kings 5:4
  11. * Oh Lord my God, do not allow the devil to discredit my faith 2Kings 2:23-24; Mark 3:22
  12. * Oh Lord my God, cast out every stranger from my body which is your temple - Mathew 21:12

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